Internet Bank "Opening" for individuals and business Combining banks, we combined the websites of banks.Howl

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Internet Bank Opening for individuals and business Combining banks we have combined the websites of banks.Log-in your usual Internet banking can dissectum link Business link PKB-online Read more about the online banks System Link for private clients, FC Opening Business link for corporate clients FC Opening PKB-online Internet and mobile bankcheck private clients branch Petrocommerce Affordable and transparent investment instrument In the long run the potential return exceeds the rate on Bank deposits You can monitor the results of management on a daily basis Regular reporting and legal structure includes independent monitoring make mutual funds one of the most reliable financial institutions The Internet Bank allows you to make additional investments in already acquired the products without visiting the office Legal information The limited liability company Management company OPENING. License # 21-000-1-00048 of 11 April 2001 on implementation of activities for management of investment funds, mutual investment funds and private pension funds issued by Federal Commission for securities market of Russia without limitation of the validity period. License of a professional participant of the securities market No. 045-07524-001000 of 23 March 2004 on the implementation of activities on securities management issued by the Federal Commission for securities market of Russia without limitation of the validity period. To get detailed information about mutual funds and the services of individual trust management to read the rules of trust management of mutual investment funds as well as other documents at the address 115114 Russia Moscow Derbenevskaya lane 1st house 5, building 2 tel 495 232-59-73 as well as on the Internet at Before acquiring an investment unit, you should carefully review the rules of trust management of the mutual Fund. The cost of investment units can increase or decrease investment results in the past do not define incomes in the future, the state does not guarantee the profitability of investments in mutual funds. Fees and discounts will reduce the profitability of investments in investment units of mutual Fund. Results of operations Manager at securities management in the past does not determine the profits of the Trustor in the future. Trust management rules of open-end mutual Fund shares Opening Shares was registered by the FCSM of Russia on 17.12.2003 № 0164-70287842 trust management Rules of open-ended mutual Fund bond Opening Bonds registered by the FCSM of Russia on 17.12.2003 № 0165-70287767 trust management Rules of open-ended mutual Fund index Opening Index

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